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Before she could talk, she would sing, according to Daisy Morgan’s mom. Singing in choral groups throughout most of her life gave Daisy a foundation to do the more experimental vocalizations that she enjoys.  Her first band experience was lead vocalist for the Bitter Sermon in Albuquerque, NM. Next she dabbled in different jazz combos such as Bloephoeus Brass Band and Soulamental, a tuba/vocal duo.  Daisy wanted to experiment further and started adding Native American flutes to accompany Richard Malcolm and the Unusual Suspects and Christian Pincock’s Soundpainting Orchestra.  Since moving to Socorro, she also started playing kalimba with Audio Frenzy.  Daisy is inspired by Dinah Washington, Tori Amos, MMW, Pharoah Sanders, Jr. Kimbrough, Herbie Hancock, and Led Zeppelin.

Stas Edel        guitar

Audio Frenzy is the first band Stas has played in seven years of playing guitar and is self taught on the instrument. Moving to New Mexico has inspired him to write original music and he thinks it is a very fun experience to work with his bandmates and collaborators on taking an idea to a new place and watching it become a complete song. Stas also does graphic design for the band, which gives him a unique opportunity to create art inspired by the music that they write. Artists that Stas draws a lot of inspiration from are Opeth, RHCP, Iron Maiden, Steve Vai, Pink Floyd, The Black Keys and Apocalyptica.

Daisy Morgan vocals, native flute, kalimba